As we stated last week, Stradivarius just opened today its first store in Hong Kong at the Olympian City Mall, one of the most important malls in the city. It is one of the most innovative leisure complexes located at the harbor to the west of Kowloon. It enjoys wonderful views of the Hong Kong Island.

The new store recreates its own world throughout 190 square meters with new winter collections which helps to reinforce a good positioning in its market. It develops a fresh, bright ambience and it recreates the latest visual merchandising trends taking advantage of different materials such as stone and wooden furniture.

Today, in our section WE LOVE the World, we invite you to discover the city of Hong Kong and its charm through our recommendations and suggestions.

Hong Kong is one of the most important cities in south Asia.  It is one of the densest regions in the world for its population reaches more than 7 million people in 1.000 square meters.

Hong Kong is a city full of contrasts: bright but also full of semi-darkness, oriental yet occidental at the same time. A hundred and fifty years under colonial influence and five thousand years of Chinese tradition makes Hong Kong a place that holds a distinctive and unique personality.

It is a city that never sleeps, a city to enjoy life, a city where you can discover its interesting culture with dozens malls and street markets. It also has an incredible skyline that could be compared to that one of New York, for example.

One of the reasons to go to Hong Kong is to enjoy the views of Victoria Bay with its wonderful lighting show Symphony of Lights.

The Tian Tan, also known as The Big Buda, should not be missed out. It is a thirty four meters high statue weighing two hundred and fifty tons. It is located at the top of Ngong Ping, the highest site at the Lantau Island 

Shopping Experience:

 Hong Kong is a shopping Paradise. There are a few different shopping sites in the island, in Kowloon and in New Territories. There are shopping malls as well as street markets with its unique style where you can find the latest trends as well as traditional items. Remember not to miss the Olympian City Mall and the Stradivarius new store.

Dinning Experience:

Yummy…Yummy! These are the words you would hear the most in Hong Kong at the best restaurants as well as in teahouses called “Cha Chaan Teng”. It is a must to go to Lou Pho Piang place (literally “wife cake”) which legend is famous among the population.

A legend says that there was a teahouse with an established history and famous for Chinese pastry, cakes and dim sum. One day, a dim sum chef went to the teahouse to buy dim sum for his wife. However, surprisingly, after tasting the dim sum, his wife said that the puffs from her mother’s family were far more delicious than those dim sums. The chef´s wife started to prepare dim sums pastry so that they could be served in the teahouse. People who tried once, would try another one finding the pastries simply irresistible. After being asked about the name of this delicacy, the chef would said proudly that it was his wife who made them. Therefore, the owner of the teahouse named the pastries, Lou Pho Piang (literally “wife cake”). Ever since, the Lou Pho Piang has enjoyed wide acclaim both locally and throughout the world.


Cultural Experience:

During this time in Hong Kong, you can enjoy the exposition “Kowloon from 1881: A changing century”. The exposition will be up to December 12th at the colonial complex “1881 Heritage”,(formerly the location for the maritime police) where you can follow the Kowloon development since 1881. Visitors can, therefore, understand how commercial development has affected town development, turning small towns into an important harbor city.

Moreover, there are many festivals and events all year round. You should become absorbed by different cultural and artistic events. Do not miss out public and popular fairs such as the floral or the brand and products expositions in Hong Kong.

What are you waiting for to book your flight to Hong Kong!!!


  1. Concepción Muñoz Algarrada 10 Nov 2010 23:11

    Yo he estado tres veces en Hong Kong, exactamente en la zona de Kowloon y estoy deseando de volver allí de nuevo, pués aquello tiene algo que te engancha, como por ejemplo, sus templos, sus centros comerciales, sus tiendas, su isla de Lantau con su Gran Buda, su Bahía Victoria, etc.
    Sé que Stradivarius va a tener bastante éxito allí, pués es una población de consumo y uno de sus hobby es comprar
    Mucha felicidades por el acierto de abrir allí una tienda y a ver si voy pronto para conocerla.

  2. LAURA 11 Nov 2010 10:11

    Hola, soy laura y tengo una duda, es la 1ª vez q pongo un cometario y mi duda es si puedo comprar x internet en estradivarius, ¿alguien me la puede resolver?

  3. Stradivarius 12 Nov 2010 08:11

    Tenemos muy presente vuestros deseos de que ofrezcamos una tienda online. Todavia no estamos ofreciendo la venta online, pero os mantendremos informados con los avances que se produzcan al respecto.
    Muchas gracias

  4. JK 23 Nov 2010 12:11

    yay finally there’s a store in Hong Kong!!! hope more stores will be opening in this city!!

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